REPORT: Jades 7 – 40 Ashford Sunday 31st October 2010

The Jades started out against Romford with enthusiasm and determination and held off the opposition well initially, maintaining possession of the ball and moving nicely into their half. All looked well until a turn over ball saw the Jades defensive line fail to take shape and a break through occurred from Romford, putting the Jades on the back foot in the first half.

The Jades soon learnt from this and their defensive line began to take shape and hold off some quick and powerful backs in the centre of Ashford’s back line. Some good breaks were made by Ali Law and Stacie Casciani but with lack of support, Ealing failed to turn these into a try. Tiredness seemed to set in towards the end of the second half and Ealing gave away another try, this time converted putting the score at 0-12. Following this, some good defensive work by Lindsey Irvine and Hazel Frame, and some fantastic kicking by Natasha Holmes meant Ealing were able to keep any further tries at bay. Hannah Murphy made some good and quick decisions and Ealing were really playing like a team.

The Jades were determined to come back fighting knowing that 12 points was in their reach. With Ealing dominating the scrums and winning some good ball they were shocked when tackle-miester Sharon Braddish got taken off with a neck injury. Unfortunately a lack of focus following this seemed to set in amongst the team and the opposition’s centres and wings just kept battering through the defensive line taking the score to 40 nil.

Five minutes to go and Ealing talked about finishing strong and keeping disciplined right to the end. The Jades knew that they had worked hard and at least deserved to finish on a try. The attitude that the Jades summoned up in the last few minutes of the game is something to be seen. Continuing to edge slowly up the field towards Ashford’s try line made Ealing more determined that at least one try was on the cards with 5 minutes to go. Ealing worked well as a team with Nicky Dent leading the forwards well and driving the opposition backwards,  Ealing continued to gain ground and put pressure on Ashford’s defensive line. This led to gaps bring created and allowed Liz Garvey at scrum half to spread the ball out to Kat Bowman who took the opportunity to bring the ball over the try line at last and for the first time in Kats rugby career. Well done Kat. Tash Holmes and her excellent boot were able to convert, giving Ealing 7 points in the last minute of the game. As the whistle went, Ealing knew they had lost but felt proud at striving right until the very end despite the score. Girls, well done and great attitudes through out!!