REPORT: Teddington 12 – 0 Ealing Jades Away Sunday 27th February 2011

Ealing came bursting out from Kick off in full force, giving the opposition a bit of a shock to be honest. Spending the first ten minutes in Teddingtons twenty two felt good, but with a strong kicker in Teddingtons back line the ball was continuously punted back down the pitch in the following 25mins.

Ealing fought well turning over ball but with mud coming out of everyone’s ears, there were mistakes being made meaning loose ball was a common occurance and open to anyone who was willing to drag their body’s through the mud to win it.

Ealing soon tired and a lucky run made by Teddingtons flanker saw the first try scored and converted but Ealings heads did not drop. The fight was on and some good phase play in the oppositions twenty two saw Hannah Murphy make a great drive through the defence, followed by a powerful push by Yvette Burton over the line. Unfortunately for Ealing, Teddington were quick enough to spot what was happening, leaving the ball held up and a try non-existent still.

Ealing still played well with Marrissa Lowe, Tracey Tapscott and Ali law gaining some considerable ground through the phases. Lizzie Holman and Tash Holmes made some great tackles and Nicky Dent did well drawing the defense in. Supported well by Vanessa Dixon and Lauren Fisk, Ealing were looking good. Shaz Braddish , who can always be relied on to put in big hits, played well. Stacie Casciani in good support on the wing with Lindsey Irvine and Kat Bowman playing good support rugby, meant Ealing were feeling good. However, conditions put the pressure on the girls and the scatty ball meant Ealing were beginning to play less as a team like they have been doing so beautifully recently.

A turnover ball at the scrum led Teddington to quickly ship the ball out wide while Ealing were tied up and ran another try over the line, this time unconverted.

Ealing determined to score spent most of the time from then on, in the oppositions twenty two but time was just not on our side and the score ended 12:0 to Teddington.


Forward of the match went to Lauren Fisk and Back of the match went to Lizzie Holman.