Senior Club Tour 2011

Where are we going and when?

On Saturday 14 May we will be going to Denia in Spain.  Denia is a city on the Costa Blanca, approximately halfway between Valencia (to the north) and Alicante (to the south).  We will be returning on Tuesday 17 May.  For those that went on the Senior Club Tour 2010 to Zagreb, you will remember that the Saturday to Tuesday timing worked very well (and was cheaper than flying Friday/Monday!).

While we are in Spain, we will be visitors of Denia Rugby Club.  These chaps have links to Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club already, having toured here in Spring 2010 and played a match against a combined Exiles and Evergreens squad.

What matches will we be playing?

As per last year on our riotous Senior Club Tour to Zagreb, there will be plenty of time for familiarisation and hangovers before we play our matches on the Sunday.  The ladies will play the Denia Ladies and the men will play Denia Vets.  If we get enough 1st team, 2nd team and Cougars players on this tour we will also have a match against the Denia 1st XV.

How much will the tour cost?

As ever with tours of this type, the exact cost of the touring package is to be confirmed, however the organising committee is confident that £280-£300 should do it.  Of course, we cannot dictate how much money will be spent on alcohol, though Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club does remind you to drink responsibly 😉

What do I get for (approximately) £280-£300?

  1. Outbound flight with easyJet (EZY8641 Sat 14 May Gatwick 08:35 – 11:55 Valencia).
  2. Inbound flight with easyJet (EZY8646 Tue 17 May Valencia 18:10 – 19:35 Gatwick).
  3. Transfers to/from Valencia Airport and Denia accommodation.
  4. Accommodation for 3 nights in Ogisaka Garden Hotel.  Check out the pictures of the pools!
  5. Transfers to/from hotel and Denia Rugby Club.
  6. Tour playing jersey.

It is also the organising committee’s intention to provide a tour polo shirt though there may have to be a small additional charge for this – it all depends on the exact price the group ends up paying for the flights.  We’ll also be arranging an optional transfers to/from TFSC to Gatwick Airport.

What should I do next?

  1. Register yourself as a tourist with Stefan Glancy.
  2. Pay a £200 deposit as soon as you can (all deposits must be with us by Tuesday 1 March at the very latest – but preferably we’d like them by the end of this week!).
  3. Pay the balance (approximately £80-£100 – exact amount to be confirmed) by 1 April.

How do I pay my £200 deposit?

  1. Give £200 in cash or a cheque to the same value made payable to Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club to Stefan Glancy or Alex Kruczkowski in person.
  2. Put a cheque to the value of £200 made payable to Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club in an envelope and place the envelope in the Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club pigeonhole in the TFSC office.  Send an e-mail to Stefan Glancy to say you that have done this.
  3. Send an e-mail to Stefan Glancy to receive bank transfer details.  Once you have got the e-mail, transfer the money.

Who is eligible for the Senior Club Tour 2011?

The Executive Committee has requested that the Senior Club Tour is a tour for adult members of Ealing Rugby Club.  This means that if you are behind on your subs, you must get them sorted as soon as possible.  If this is you: please speak to your squad captain/administrator.

The tour is open to playing members of the 1st team, 2nd team, Cougars, Exiles, Evergreens and Jades.  Members in the coaching and refereeing sections are also welcome, as are non-playing members.

Colts who will be 18 by Sat 14 May 2011 are also eligible (please speak to Dave Thomas) and employees of TFSC have also been invited.

What happens once I’ve paid my deposit?

Your e-mail address will be added to a tour discussion e-mail group.  Information for tourists will be communicated through this group and you will be free to use the group to discuss the tour and whip yourselves up into a frenzy of anticipation!  You’ll also be asked for your jersey/polo shirt size at some point…

I could get a better deal than the rest by booking my flight directly, couldn’t I?

No – the Senior Club Tour is a package.  To be eligible for the transfers, playing jersey, polo shirt and rather fantastic deal we’ve struck on accommodation, you need to be purchasing the entire package.

What do I do if I have a question about the tour?

Send an e-mail to Alex Kruczkowski.

Remind me, when should I pay my deposit?


A reminder

Mail Stefan Glancy to say you are going, and get your £200 deposit to us as soon as you can.  The sooner we get enough lots of £200 in, the sooner we can book the flights and get the best price.  The longer we wait to make the booking, the more the flights will cost for everyone.