Significant London Society promotions for two Ealing Referees – 2009

Two of Ealing Rugby Club’s referees, Tim Harrison and Charlie Hodder, were last week awarded significant promotions by the London Society of RFU Referees.

Tim Harrison has jumped from Level 12 to Level 10+1.  The “+1” designation means that Tim can also referee occasional games at Level 9. To put this in perspective, most referees will join the London Society at Level 12 or 13. Referees on the way up can normally expect to be raised one grade a year and each grade rise becomes harder so jumping to Level 10+1 in one step from L12 is a real achievement. Level 10+1 games include Senior Herts/Middlesex Division 2 and occasionally, Herts/Middlesex Division 1. Our Cougars are a Level 10 side.

Charlie Hodder has been promoted from Level 10 to Level 9+1, meaning that Charlie can also referee some Level 8 games, covering London Division 3. This is a significant step up, the London Divisions being the pre-cursor to the National Divisions and will provide Charlie with a significant challenge. To put this promotion into perspective, Charlie started refereeing 15-a-side at the start of last season. He joined London Society in October 2008 on Level 12. By Christmas he was promoted to L10 and now to L9+1.

Both Tim and Charlie are delighted with and excited by their elevation and they are determined to improve even further. These promotions also show stellar progress and are testament to the quality of referee the club can produce through our own coaching, assessment and mentoring. Further, it is excellent news for Ealing Rugby Club and means that we can field ever more experienced and knowledgeable referees, as well as increasing our ability to mentor referees coming through from the junior club.