The 2010/2011 Season for the Referee Section

Welcome to the 2010/2011 Season. We aim to build on the success of last season with the delivery of new referees and the continuing development of existing referees to provide a high standard of game management to our players, coaches and their supporters.


We will be holding monthly meetings which will include at least two CRDA sessions,  two visits by our very own local International Referees – Wayne Barnes and Andrew Small, and other practical training events to be arranged. Do please make the best of these events. 

The next stage in our development is the Referee Academy and our intention  is to offer training up to senior level. We have a lot of experience in the club and we have been able to draw on that to provide coaching and mentoring opportunities for all referees who want to referee 15-a-side rugby. We have equipment which will allow us to listen to and record a referee during a game and then to discuss the game afterwards and provide feedback. Although there is absolutely no obligation on anyone to become a London Society member we are committed to developing referees to that level so they can referee any youth game at the club up to colts level. Referees at this level are normally by society appointment.

Pete Paterson will be continuing this year as Chairman. Charlie Hodder will help run the section. MC Tsang will continue as training officer and RFU interface. Marek Kostka will be finding and allocating referees for HML matches as well as finding games for trainee referees. Tim Harrison will be recruiting 4th Officials for 1st Team home fixtures.

This is your Referee Section. It is unique in English rugby in that it is the first of its kind and has raised the bar to a very high level. It has been recognised by the RFU with the President’s Award and it has provided us with unusual access to the corridors of the RFU. Treasure it! Referees from this club have a reputation for being both even handed and good game managers. Let’s keep it going. Be involved!

Pete Paterson