The Season So Far – Presentation by Wayne Barnes

Wayne Barnes, the international referee, is visiting Ealing Rugby Club this Tuesday, 19 October, to deliver a presentation and training on "The Season So Far". The evening will start at 7.45. If you are a referee, or training to become a referee, a coach or a player, please come down, support this event and improve your understanding of the application of the laws of the game.

These events are always very interesting. Not only will Wayne provide superb insights into refereeing at the highest level, but he will also answer many questions about refereeing games at the levels we manage on a weekly basis.

The evenings are aimed at referee development, but coaches, players and others who are interested in the intepretations of the Laws will find the evenings illuminating. We are very lucky indeed to be able to welcome such a high profile referee at Ealing so please attend and provide Wayne with a very warm welcome.


Charlie Hodder