Lottery Results

Your Club… Your Lottery… Win Great Prizes… Raise Funds… for Your Club!

The Club Lottery is your opportunity to invest in YOUR Rugby Club whilst having the chance of winning some fantastic cash prizes!

The Club Lottery actually started many years ago when Ealing still played at Berkeley Fields, Horsenden Hill in Greenford and some of you will have known it as the 500 Club.

What’s the Lottery for?

Our aim is to raise money to help support the development of all levels of community rugby within the Club and also to consider initiatives to help the Club expand and become more successful. This is separate from the performance of the Ealing Trailfinders First Team which is independently financed.

The money raised from the lottery has allowed the Club to complete several important projects to preserve the history of our almost 150-year-old club.

  • Restoration of the fire damaged Club President Captain’s Boards
  • Restoration of the Executive Committee Minutes Book dating from 1896
  • Reframing of a number of framed international & club shirts for display in the Clubhouse
  • Funded the research and publication of the history of our rugby club by historian Dick Tyson – Flair & Fire, available from the Club Shop now!

How does it work?

Monthly draws take place throughout the year with cash prizes; these may be supplemented by Bonus Draws with bumper cash prizes. There are currently three cash prizes per month: £100, £50 and £25.

How do I sign up?

To subscribe you only need to pay a minimum of £5 per month, that’s £60 a year and you’ll be doing your bit to support the Club. Each pound you spend gets you ONE LOTTERY NUMBER which will be entered into the Lottery Draw each month. But there’s no limit to how much you can spend – so why not buy a Club Lottery Number for everyone in the family?

If you wish to enter the Club Lottery, then please contact Joanne, our membership secretary on and she will set up the payments through our new online membership system. Just let her know how much you want to pay each month (in multiples of £5) and she will do the rest.

How do I win?

Each month the draw results will be published on these pages and also on the Ealing Rugby Club home page. Payment will be sent straight to your bank account and we will send you an email to confirm.

November 2018

First Prize: £100 Winner: Ralph Crane
Second Prize: £50 Winner: S. Foot
Third Prize: £25 Winner: Ken Clempson
Date of Draw: 2018-11-29

October 2018

First Prize: £100 Winner: S.A. Brown
Second Prize: £50 Winner: R. Magie
Third Prize: £25 Winner: Ross McGowan
Date of Draw: 2018-10-31

September 2018

First Prize: £100 Winner: Helen Thomas
Second Prize: £50 Winner: R J Duckworth
Third Prize: £25 Winner: Charles Miller
Date of Draw: 2018-10-03

August 2018

First Prize: £100 Winner: P Glancey
Second Prize: £50 Winner: R Smith
Third Prize: £25 Winner: D W Burton
Date of Draw: 03/09/2018

July 2018

First Prize: £100 Winner: P T Bennet
Second Prize: £50 Winner: Charles Miller
Third Prize: £25 Winner: Micky Carroll
Date of Draw: 2018-07-27

June 2018

First Prize: £100 Winner: Hugh Hutchinson
Second Prize: £50 Winner: J Murphy
Third Prize: £25 Winner: C G Stanton
Date of Draw: 2018-07-04

May 2018

First Prize: £100 Winner: Steve Nethercote
Second Prize: £50 Winner: Anne O'Connell
Third Prize: £25 Winner: Derek Reed
Date of Draw: 2018-05-29

April 2018

First Prize: £100 Winner: M&S Williams
Second Prize: £50 Winner: Dick Craig
Third Prize: £25 Winner: Nick Newlove
Date of Draw: 2018-05-25

March 2018

First Prize: £100 Winner: P T Bennett
Second Prize: £50 Winner: R Spadavecchia
Third Prize: £25 Winner: B Powell
Date of Draw: 2018-03-30

February 2018

First Prize: £100 Winner: Elizabeth O'Connell
Second Prize: £50 Winner: R J Duckworth
Third Prize: £25 Winner: G.C. Day
Date of Draw: 2018-03-30

January 2018

First Prize: £100 Winner: G C Day
Second Prize: £50 Winner: Helen Thomas
Third Prize: £25 Winner: Nick Newlove
Date of Draw: 2018-01-31

December 2017

First Prize: £100 Winner: Alice O'Connell
Second Prize: £50 Winner: Derek Reed
Third Prize: £25 Winner: Steven Lee
Date of Draw: 2018-01-15

November 2017

First Prize: £100 Winner: Charles Miller
Second Prize: £50 Winner: J W Coomes
Third Prize: £25 Winner: Stanton C G
Date of Draw: 2017-11-30

October 2017

First Prize: £100 Winner: J. Andrews
Second Prize: £50 Winner: Michael Carroll
Third Prize: £25 Winner: S. Foot
Date of Draw: 31/10/2017

September 2017

First Prize: £100 Winner: S. Nethercote
Second Prize: £50 Winner: Ken Clempson
Third Prize: £25 Winner: S & M Jones
Date of Draw: 30/09/2017

August 2017

First Prize: £100 Winner: M&S Jones
Second Prize: £50 Winner: B Kingsland
Third Prize: £25 Winner: R Crane
Date of Draw: 29/09/2017

July 2017

First Prize: £100 Winner: Charles Miller
Second Prize: £50 Winner: D. Burton
Third Prize: £25 Winner: G C Day
Date of Draw: 28/09/2017

June 2017

First Prize: £100 Winner: David Horne
Second Prize: £50 Winner: Laura O'Connell
Third Prize: £25 Winner: Steven Lee
Date of Draw: 2017-06-30

May 2017

First Prize: £100 Winner: R Magie
Second Prize: £50 Winner: M Bentley
Third Prize: £25 Winner: H Thomas
Date of Draw: 2017-05-30

April 2017

First Prize: £100 Winner: J Andrews
Second Prize: £50 Winner: M Carroll
Third Prize: £25 Winner: Peter Templeman
Date of Draw: 30/04/2017

March 2017

First Prize: £100 Winner: S Foot
Second Prize: £50 Winner: P T Bennet
Third Prize: £25 Winner: R J Duckworth
Date of Draw: 03/04/2017

February 2017

First Prize: £100 Winner: I.D.& J.R. Graham
Second Prize: £50 Winner: Rhidian Jones
Third Prize: £25 Winner: M. O'Regan
Date of Draw: 01/03/2017

January 2017

First Prize: £100 Winner: Kate Hawkins
Second Prize: £50 Winner: Brian Powell
Third Prize: £25 Winner: Helen Thomas
Date of Draw: 31/01/2017