How to add a Sponsor entry

To add a new Sponsor entry.

  1. Login to WP Dashboard and select Sponsors/Add Sponsor.
  2. In title area at top entry the name of the sponsor.
  3. In large text area enter a paragraph or two to describe the sponsor’s business.
  4. Choose “Select Featured Image” to assign a sponsor logo. Choose logo and then “Set featured Image”.
  5. In “Sponsor Information” section add website, phone number end email details.
  6. In “Team Sponsorship Information” select one or more teams for sponsorship. If this option is taken then the sponsor logo appears at the top of the team page.
  7. In “Sponsor Categories” in right hand margin select Categories as appropriate. If a category is selected then the sponsor logo appears in the left hand column of sponsors for a particular section or team.
  8. Optionally add a “Order” number as this is used to sort the order in which the sponsor logos appear.

PS. To remove a sponsor either mark its Status as “Draft” (top right) or delete it.