Adding links to Posts, Pages and Descriptions

Hyperlinks to website pages and linked to website documents can be included in Posts, Pages and Descriptions.


To add a hyperlink:

  • Create or select text to be used as the source of the hyperlink e.g. “Test Hyperlink”
  • Select Insert/Edit link from Visual tab of edit panel.
  • Add destination “URL”. (TIP. Select this in another window and use cut/paste to copy to URL field.
  • Optionally add “Title” (this is the text this is displayed when the mouse “hovers” over the link.
  • Optionally add “Open link in a new window/tab” to create a new page of tab for the display of the destination page.
  • Optionally use “Or link to existing content” to search for exisiti9ng pages on the website. (TIP. It may be easier to select the page in another tabl and use cut/pase rather than search as this is a little clumsy.

Media Links

Media links can be used to link to items in the Media Libaray. To add a media Link:

  • Position the cursor in the Visual Tab edit panel at the point that the Media Link is to be inserted.
  • Select “Add Media”.
  • Locate item in Media Library.
  • Optionally update “Title” as this is the link text that will be inserted.
  • Optionally select “Media File” or “Attachment Page” to directly display the Media item or the website page that references the Media item.
  • Select “Insert Into Post”.