Tour 12th-15th May 2017 Lisbon

Gents/Senhores – tudo bem?

Have you ever imagined yourself sipping a glass of vintage port or Madeira, munching on a grilled sardine or two and enjoying the sunset over the Tagus River?

ronaldoImagine no more! It is no longer a secret that Christiano Ronaldo officially likes us. Therefore he has invited us as a club to his country of birth, Portugal. Indeed we are jetting off to the city of Lisbon where he cut his young teeth in the Primeira Liga. Think Mediterranean climate, a medieval city centre with discrete bars and restaurants, opera, museums, UNESCO sites and mosaic pavements – Lisbon (Lisboa to those in the know) has it all; even the pedestrianised walkway enthusiast.


We are reliably informed that “the territory of modern Portugal has been continuously settled, invaded and fought over since prehistoric times.” So it will come as no surprise that we aim to re-enact the defeat of Carthaginian forces by Scipio Africanus during those tumultuous Roman times by playing a game or two with the oval shaped ball we now use as a pugilistic surrogate.

Yes, but what does it cost and what do I get?

The cost of £390.00 (yippee not Euros), paid in five easy monthly instalments, includes return flights from Lisbon, hotel accommodation for three nights based on shared rooms, a tour shirt/tour stash, travel & playing insurance, tournament costs and “lavish” beer kitty. The tour is open to all Ealing RFC members, all Ealing RFC queijo grande (= grande fromages), management, coaches and friends & sponsors of Ealing RFC.

How do I get on the bandwagon/gravy train/tour bus?

Please let BOF ( know you want to tour and secure your place by making a small deposit of £75.00 on or before 20th December, or make a cash payment direct to BOF/Jake/Jacko/Rahim/Paul. Ideally you should set up a standing order so that we don’t have to chase for these monies:

£75.00 1st February (Total collected £150.00)
£75.00 1st March (Total £225.00)
£75.00 1st April (Total £300.00)
£90.00 1st May (Total £390.00)

Payment details:

Paul Clarke
Reference: Your Name

Small print: note that a £50 surcharge is payable (on 1st May 2017) by those who are not club members or who are in arrears for their membership subscription or match fees.