Club 1871

Best Colts Team?

It looks as though the club have had a good season in Division 3 South, plus of course a good cup run – well done!

In November last year I had a Saturday afternoon’s entertainment at the club. It was quite an eye opener to say the least. I was fortunate to meet up with Phil Gytvei and Dave Higgins, so the beer did flow whilst watching one of the games.

My main interest however was the ‘after match’ performance. The selection of gourmet food dished out to the players and the jugs of water on the table was quite an eye-opener and very impressive – or was it? The days when I used to drag girl friends to the club to cook and dish out pie and beans have long gone! Most of them now are getting the old age pension!

It is so easy to lose touch with the modern game and I think I have. It reminds me of Sam Larkin? Good Lord the boy is wearing blue shorts! But when I look back over the years other clubs did exactly the same.

It was when we started to lose on a regular basis to Maidenhead (Thames Valley), Upper Clapton, Henley and the local Derby against Osterley, that our training of two laps around Ealing Cricket Club was not enough – to progress we had to train and we did.

The odd game of hockey with the flag posts in the wee small hours of the morning, was extra to training (Anybody remember that?). The club even in those days used to come up against County Players, Internationals and not forgetting players from United Banks XV  – Albert Agar captained Lloyds bank and played in the centre for England.

The support and ideas Ealing had must have been correct, for to be in the position the club now is in, is wonderful.

To beat Waterloo and Rosslyn Park, two clubs who have numerous former internationals, is hats off to one and all.

If you can consolidate your position this year……..

The club did not just spring up at Trailfinders over night.

The colts did not just appear. I was fortunate in having contacts with two local schools and success breeds success. It was pointed out that a lot of them became club captains Any of you younger ones – playing no doubt for the evergreens nowadays – care to name the best colts XV?

Good luck to the club for the rest of the season

Regards to one and all

David Inwood