REPORT: Ealing Exiles 21 – 66 Hammersmith & Fulham IV

Exiles start the season on a winning note against a younger faster stronger Hammersmith unit.

Report by Nick Greenhalgh

Score 21 points to Ealing Exiles and a great many more to Hammersmith and Fulham IVs.
The game was split into 4 twenty minute halves and we won the 3rd quarter, so the title of the report is only in part accurate, but reflected what we took away from the game.  A good natured fast running high impact session against a high quality Hammers side.

There were a few notable performances and in general the Exiles put on a reasonable show to our growing group of supporters.  Afe put in a great deal of try saving tackles as our well exercised full back. After Paul T went off the oppo lent us a sub who truned out to be a better player than they though and as no.8 bludgened his way through his team mates to score the first 2 tries for the Exiles. "T" playing on the flank managed to battle his way through a few Hammers forwards and over the line scoring a lovely try, possibly his first for the Exiles.  Great to see!  The forwards worked well and were not over powered by the Hammers pack, and the backs also gelled pretty well with Stef and Simon Tyler making a good scrum half /fly half patnership.  I (Nick G) managed to start the game at no. 8, drop out to the centres when Paul T took a knock to the head, then had a nice stretch as hooker, before returing out to the centres for the rest of the game where my opposite number seemed to like setting me down on my arse every time I got the ball, most unsporting!  Noteable for the wrong reasons was Tom L’s 5 yard dash over the try line, sadly the wrong try line. I have not seen this move before, you’ll have to get Tom to talk you through it. 

The ref also deserves a mention. He let the game flow very nicely giving the Exiles as much advantage as he could without being too unfair.  He was rewarded with a well stuffed envelope and top marks on his performance sheet for these efforts after the game.

So we were well beaten but enjoyed our run out, and best of all we were finished by 3:00pm and able to sup some Guinness in the sun while watching our Evergreen colleagues pummel thier way to a victory over Southgate!



  1. Barry  – part game
  2. Fabio
  3. Steve R
  4. John M
  5. Eff
  6. Tom L
  7. T
  8. Nick
  9. Malik  – part game
  10. Stef
  11. Simon Tyler
  12. Paul T  – part game
  13. Michael T
  14. Alistair
  15. Alex
  16. Huw
  17. Afe
opposition loaned no.8 : 2
T : 1
Michael T 3


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