Was so sad to hear of Jack’s passing. He was a true gentleman and had a fantastic sense of humour. A great Ealing Rugby man who I spent a lot of time with behind the scenes. He was an integral part of the Ealing staff who helped get the team to where it is now. Always there to help and a great friend. God bless your soul Jack RIP.

Paul Jackson

Such sad news to hear of Jack’s passing. He embodied all that is great about our club. He was always a pleasure to be around, friendly, passionate about the club, so committed and incredible loyal and honest. 

I have very fond memories of the days of the Junior Colts when Jack first appeared bringing his son Jason down to join the club. Truly the beginning of a something special so god bless you and thank you Jack.

Les O’Gorman

Jack was one of the greats. He was always there at the club supporting all of us without judgment. 

Jack was a great club man, an amazing team manager, and a friend who always kept you honest.

I raise a large glass to Jack, God be with you.

Mike Whitney

Mike Whitney

Jack was the epitome of what it meant to be a part of Ealing. He wore his green and white striped tie each week with pride. In his time as 1st XV team manager there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do for the lads. He always turned up with a bumper bag of Jelly Babies. His favourite offering though was a fisherman’s friend. He would walk around the changing room pre-match offering everyone one. Not sure many people took him up on it. My best memory of Jack though came against Bridgewater away. He’d gone out of the changing rooms to fill up the water bottles just as Mike Cudmore started one of his rousing speeches, which no doubt was filled with expletives. Just as Cudders was reaching the peak of his speech. Wham! Jack opened the door and smashed into Mike knocking him forwards. Most people would’ve got a slap, but not Jack. Mike turned around, anger diffused by seeing Jack’s face. “Oh it was you Jack!” What a club legend! Rest in Peace Jack!

Jay King

What a legend, when he stepped back from his duties, he was missed greatly.

Fond memories:

Thursday nights gate crashing the 1st team meetings to drop of the pads in changing rooms.

He would always be there early on a match day to have a nice calm chat with,  and he would be the last person to leave after collecting the kit and handing out the meal vouchers.

As young players he looked after us, made our time at Ealing even more memorable and always had a good story to tell.

RIP Jack 


Joe Price

I will always have fond memories of Jack. He was already part of the management when I joined in 2001 and helped to make me feel at home straightaway. He was such a lovely bloke and always had loads of time for us players. He seemed to always be busy, constantly helping and keeping the club ticking. He had a great sense of humour and was always chirpy, it was great to have a pint with him after a game.

He’s already sorely missed. RIP Jack.

Adam Hulmston

Jack was one in a million, always smiling, friendly and willing to help in any way. Have great memories of this great man, Rest in peace Jack.

Daniel Walsh

When the sun shined at Vallis Way, as it often did, Jack and his bespoke Ealing Rugby Club waistcoat always used to make proud to be a member of a true community set up. 

Jack was a lovely man whose dedication and love for Ealing RUFC knew no limits. He managed the club’s second team during its most successful period and was truly one of the guys, attending every game and even unofficial touring parties to Edinburgh. 

I am saddened at jack’s passing and extend condolences to his family. Most of all I am grateful to have known Jack in rugby and in life and to have shared victory and laughter with him. 

Jon Harrison

Jack Snell was one of those parents who, although not raised in the rugby tradition, came to love the game and its culture, and made a great contribution to the Club. He served in a wide of variety of roles off the field and was justly decorated for that service by election to a Vice-Presidency. But his contribution to our lives was not merely in sorting out premises problems and organising playing kit. He had a great gift for friendship and an irrepressible cheerfulness which made any encounter with him a pleasure. That positivity was the more remarkable when you knew how he spent much of his life in the devoted care of his beloved wife who suffered from severe back pain and serious mobility problems. He was also the go-to builder for many of us at the Club whose advice and ability, passed on to Ashley and Jason, was of great benefit. When we bought our Edwardian semi in Ealing 35 years ago it was showing its age and in need of serious renovation. Trusting Jack implicitly we did something we have never dared to do before or since; we handed over the keys and disappeared with the children for three weeks in a cabin in the wilds of Sweden. This was, of course, when a mobile phone was one with a long extension cable, there was no Whats App video, and we therefore had no means of checking on progress. We had no need for any apprehension. On our return we were delighted to see the house transformed as we had specified with wooden floors and built in bookshelves testimony to Jason’s carpentry skills, and still giving valuable service today. Later he did other jobs for us as well as many members of the Club. Our heartfelt sympathies go out to Ashley and Jason, and the other members of his family, through whom his standards and values live on.

Rhidian Jones

Loved Jack! He was team manager for us in 2006/7

Corné du Rand