Advice for Coaches

If you wish to coach at Ealing, speak to the Lead Coach in your age group. All details are on the website.

Coaches at Ealing should uphold our values.

  • Excellence – we will pay for training to make you an excellent coach. You should strive for excellence in your teams.
  • Inclusiveness – all Junior players have a right to the best coaching available.
  • Sportsmanship – being a ‘good loser’ and a ‘good winner’ are fundamental to our values.
  • Safety – underpins everything an Ealing coach does.

We must manage risk within a physical game.

Responsibilities of Coaches

All coaches shall:

  1. Plan all activities to minimise situations in which abuse may occur.
  2. Follow an open door policy in changing rooms and showers.
  3. Prohibit the use of camcorders and cameras in changing rooms and showers.
  4. Allow parents access to changing areas when appropriate.
  5. Not participate in one to one coaching other than during a normal coaching session and always in the presence of other coaches and players.
  6. Not allow or engage in inappropriate touching of any form.
  7. Not make sexually suggestive comments about or to a child, even in jest.
  8. Not refer to a child’s ethnicity, religion, gender, disability, or sexuality in a way that is derogatory.
  9. Not allow children to use inappropriate language unchallenged.
  10. Not engage in sexually provocative games or horseplay.
  11. Not do things of a personal nature for children that they can do for themselves.
  12. Report immediately any incident of inappropriate language, behaviour or abuse by another Coach.
  13. Report immediately any incident of inappropriate language, behaviour or abuse by a child.
  14. Coaches shall not meet children away from the Rugby Club situation or meeting place without a parent or other adult being present.
  15. Ensure that all players’ personal playing equipment is compliant. (Refer to section on Personal Equipment).

Coaching Courses and Resources

If you are interested in coach training and education contact the minis chairman.  The club’s aim is to have all parent volunteers involved in coaching appropriately qualified. To this end all volunteers are required to complete the first level RFU Mini/Midi coaching course.

The club also runs advanced RFU coaching courses which coaches will be invited to attend. In addition the club will inform coaches of the availability of further courses offered by Middlesex County Rugby Football Union (MCRFU) or other Constituent Bodies as and when they are available.

The cost of a RFU authorised course will be borne by the junior rugby programme except in the following instances:

  • Failure to attend
  • Failure to complete required activities
  • Where a course would be deemed to exceed the approved budget for coaching coursework during a season