Advice for Team Selection and Awards

Team Selection and Captaincy

Player selection for each age group, will be made by the coaching staff based on the following criteria:

  1. Skill and playing experience
  2. Size and strength
  3. Fitness
  4. Attendance during the season
  5. Effort and commitment

For the majority of the season, the club actively encourages movement between A, B, C and D teams. We have found that playing children get closer to achieving their potential when they are competing for places on teams. A child working for a place on the next team will be motivated to work harder. Equally, a more experienced or gifted child will avoid complacency when made aware that their place cannot be taken for granted.


Every child should have the opportunity to play in matches against other clubs at the appropriate level for their ability.

In the Minis, a good ‘B’ team player should have the opportunity to play in the ‘A’ team at some point in a season, and an A team player should not be surprised to play in the B’s.

A novice cannot expect to play in the ‘A’ team for reasons of safety, fitness, and skill levels.


Coaches have a duty to play their ‘best’ team at some points in the season, usually festivals, and specifically the Middlesex Finals. Coaches have a right to select their ‘best’ team based on their experience. Parents and players have a right to have those decisions explained to them.

In the Minis section it is intended that every child shall have the opportunity to captain his playing side at least once during the course of the season. Please keep this in mind, particularly during festivals and triangulars. It may seem a trivial thing to us as adults, but it is a very big deal to the playing children and an honour that each of them should experience during the season.

In the Youth section it is considered that the boys are old enough to elect their own captains. This may be done with some supervision by coaches who may put forward a list of nominees for consideration by their players.