Benefits And Uses Of Your Membership Card


Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club Membership Cards

Why use your card at the club:

  • 5% off at the Trailfinders Sports Club bar when you present your card
  • Trailfinders Sports Club will refund a futher 5% of the total to Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club 
  • You can Pre Charge your card (no need for cash)

So next time you’re at the club, don’t forget to use your card!

You must present the card to the TFSC staff whenever you spend money over the bar. Presentation of the card will give you a 5% discount and TFSC will refund a further 5% to the rugby club.

Also, did you realise that you can pre charge the card? Rather like an oyster card, money can be put on it, this has many advantages, your kids can use the card, you needn’t bring cash to the club when training etc.