First Emerald (Under 18) to join the Jades!

Following the formation of the Emeralds (under 18’s) and the development and talent that has grown in this squad in the last few years, the Jades have been eager to see the Emeralds come through the ranks and join the Jades.

On Sunday 10th October, Hannah Wyat-Brookes was the first Emerald to play with the Womens team. Hannah really showed what she was made of by playing in the backs (out of position) and running some great lines and making some stonking tackles thoughout the game. Hannah really stood out in her first game and as a consequence recieved the honour of ‘Back of the Match’ and downed her first pint as an official Jade! Despite her continued commitments with the Emeralds this year, we are really looking forward to having Hannah with us as a more permanent feature in the team. Well done Hannah!