REPORT: Hampstead 24 – 5 Ealing Jades

Ealing Jades travelled North to play Hampstead Ladies team on Sunday 30th January 2011. It proved a slow start for Ealing which saw Hampstead score an early try in the first 10 minutes. But Ealing Jades took the game back to Hampstead playing a strong defensive game.

Ealing’s defence proved tough to break, with outstanding communication from fly half, Natasha Holmes between the backs and excellent work by the pack.  However, Hampstead’s resilience won through and they went on to score their second try of the match.

Ealing had a very mixed team with a total of 5 new players joining us: Ali, Alice, Rachel Kelly and Louise.  They worked incredibly hard with  Kelly carrying out some outstanding tackles on the wing and making some quick decisions with the ball.  Nonetheless the hard work failed to stop Hampstead scoring their third try. Ealing battled hard and spent the last five minutes in the opposition’s twenty two only to be disrupted by the half time whistle.

The second half saw Ealing Jades refuse to admit defeat as they came out fighting, with excellent kicking by Tash Holmes gaining fantastic ground for us and some hard tackles put in by Lindsey Irvine.  Stacie Casciani fought hard in the line outs often winning the ball from the opposition line out.  One line out saw Stacie steal possession from the opposition and Sharon Braddish secured the ball, storming forward to score her second try of the season! Louise, a new recruit, took to the pitch in the final 15 minutes and played outstanding rugby for her debut game.  She secured the ball, driving forward fast and confidently. A welcome addition.

But ten minutes before the final whistle saw Hampstead score their final try of the match, leaving a final score of 24:5

Their captain was keen to gloat at the final score in her post match speech, leaving Ealing Jades keen for a re match so they can return the favour.

Forward of the match went to Lindsey Irvine and back of the match went to Stacie Casciani.