Members Survey 2010

Thank you once again for completing our survey in huge numbers. This is a members club and so this is one way for you to share how you feel about Ealing Trailfinders, and how it can continue to improve.


As ever, let’s start with the good news. 97.2% of you would recommend Ealing Trailfinders to a friend, and  70% feel part of Ealing “a huge amount” or “a lot”. A significant rise from 57% last year.

While 75% if us think our children feel part of Ealing “a huge amount” or “a lot”.


Last year only 20% rated the overall service delivered by the club as “excellent”, so it is encouraging to see that rise to 35%. In fact, a gratifying 95% rate the service as either “excellent” or “good”, a significant improvement from 82% last year.


It is interesting that, just as last year only 20% of us actually play rugby. Most of us support one of our many teams. Also 35% have been members for 3 years or less. So that is a reminder that there are new members all around us who will still be learning the ropes.


1st XV rugby is still rated as “vital” by 73% of us, and since your feedback last year, it is pleasing to see that the number who think our 1st XV are well integrated into the club has gone from 38% to 69%. Still more to do, but a great step forward.


The response to our superb facilities was overwhelmingly positive, and Dave Robinson asked to include questions about what menus would suit our different constituencies at different times. As a result we will be seeing new menus in the clubhouse this season. We hope you like what he has planned.

We also note that 20% of us have used the Trailfinders facilities for private parties and work events. It’s good to see that our relationship with Trailfinders is one of mutual support.


You do still feel there could be more social events, and once again, you will be seeing new ideas being rolled out. So keep reading the Newsletter and watching the website for news.


The direct feedback about sections has gone to the Chairs, as well as specific ideas relating to your section.


So, what do you think we could do better?

Just as last year, there are many different niggles about the club. Parking, food, and timing of training get several mentions. The single most common concern is about team selection within Minis especially. This serves as an important reminder to coaches, managers, and parents alike. It is an issue which will probably never go away, and is partly due to our success in recruiting large numbers. It is vital that parents understand that hardworking coaches and managers are in nearly every case making huge effort to be fair. While those coaches and managers must remember that parents and children have a right to an explanation of their decisions.


Finally, this is a members club. If you want to make it better, get involved.


Here’s to a great season.