REPORT: Ealing 7 – 68 Hampstead Home Sunday 13th March

With only 10 players on Ealing’s side, the day did not start out well. The remaining 10 Jades were keen to play and Hampstead kindly offered to lend us 2 players to get the game on the go.

With the added space that ‘twelve a side’ creates on the pitch, the game started out in full force and full speed. Ealing started well, focusing on good support play and going through the phases. Unfortunately, Hampstead were set on playing a good counter rucking game and managed to turn over the ball quickly. Thus taking advantage of a suddenly disorganised defence in Ealing and went on to score their first try.

The game continued with the ball being switched between the jades and Hampstead. Strength in Hampsteads forwards led to continuous counter rucking and turn over ball from Hampstead. They used the space well and with Ealing tiring from the speed of the game, gaps began to show. Hampstead went onto score a number of tries but Ealing did not give up.

In the last 3 minutes of the game, Marissa Lowe at fly half shipped the ball out wide and looped round onto the wing. Having found some extra energy, Marissa by-passed the Hampstead defence and side stepped the attempted cover tackles to score a try for The Jades! Also nicely converted by Nicky Dent. Overall not the proudest of scores but really proud of the strong finish. Well done girls!!! 

Forward of the match went to Lindsey Castling at flank and back of the match went to Stacie Casciani at wing