Survey Results

Many thanks to the 285 people who took the time to fill in the survey.  Here is a short summary of your views.  Everything you said has been fed through to the Exec and all the section heads.  Your gripes and your ideas have all been read and taken on board, but the overwhelming message is that we all value ERC a great deal.

But do not think that makes anyone complacent.  The gripes have all been listened to, and many acted upon.

But sadly for the person who answered every question asking what they would change with one answer, "more cheerleaders", we do not, currently, have any plans to meet your needs.

97.3% would "recommend ERC to a friend".  A result any organisation would be happy to get.

It should be noted by all that only 26% of those taking the survey "play rugby".  We should all remember that most of us "support" a team, be it the 1st XV or our Minis or Youth.

35% of those doing the survey had been members for three years of less, so we must also remember that many people around us are new and will value our help.

80% rate the "service" we give as Excellent or Good.

58% "feel part of the club" "a huge amount" or "a lot", while 79% of parents said their children "feel part of the club" "a huge amount" or "a lot".

The 1st XV are seen as "vital" by 72%, but the overwhelming message was that they felt remote from many of us.  Mike Cudmore and his team have risen to the challenge, and we are incredibly pleased at the efforts the 1st XV squad have made this season, and how well their involvement with Minis, Youth, and the wider club has been received.  There are many more things planned so take the opportunity and get to know the boys who wear the badge.

The sections are highly valued by their constituencies, the Minis leading the way, reflecting previous Minis surveys.  The subtle variations and messages about specific age groups and sections are numerous and far too detailed to go into here.  They have been taken on board by the Chairs and section leads to help them develop their sections.

The Trailfinders sport and bar/catering facilities are almost universally praised, with a slight negative over the food offering, but that was before TF experimented with a new menu on Sundays.

The awareness of the TF card and its benefits (10% off bar sales and discount on facilities) was very well understood, but 20% of us "never" use the card…

Minis generally felt the subscriptions were good value, but 34% of Youth (against 12% of Minis) found the new rates "a bit pricey".

You like the new website, 71% rating it "better than the old", and ask for more information on social events, and in first place (41% "too little information") the Exec Committee.  The Exec have taken this on board.  We feel we do not communicate with you and will take steps to rectify that soon.

And finally…

What do you not like about Ealing?  "Lack of cheerleaders".  Sigh.

Many thanks for all your help.